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The Fraunhofer-Society is the largest organization for applied research in Europe and consists of 66 institutes and independent research units. It´s mission is applied R&D for the global economy and our society and to strengthen regional, national and European competitiveness. Within the Fraunhofer-Society, located at the Institute for Molecular Ecology (IME), the working group Industrial Biotechnology lead by Dr Stefan Jennewein will contribute to the ROBOX project. Among other things, the lab is experienced in the development of tailor-made biocatalysts using directed protein evolution, screening for novel biocatalysts based on quorum sensing quenching, lab-scale biocatalysis and biotransformation reactions, metabolic engineering of microorganisms and classical strain improvement of microorganisms.

Within the ROBOX project, the lab participates in work package 1 and will closely collaborate with the project partner DSM to discover and engineer oxidative biocatalysts.


“The research for this work has received funding from the European Union (EU) project ROBOX (grant agreement n° 635734) under EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme  Research and Innovation actions H2020-LEIT BIO-2014-1”

Stefan Jennewein