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Lentikats Biotechnology finds potential applications across all biotechnological processes due to its ability to immobilize almost any kind of biomass. In order to fully exploit such potential, LentiKatˊs (LK) has put enormous resources into the R&D of new applications, relying not only on its own long-term experience, but also in cooperation with leading R&D institutions in the Czech and abroad.

Our close relationship with fellow R&D institutions around the world also allows us to stay on top of the latest developments in biotechnology. To date LK has participated in several European, as well as Czech projects.

Main task of LK in ROBOX project is (i) immobilization of biomass in PVA matrix, as Lentikats Biocatalysts, (ii) optimization of this procedure and kinetic testing, activity and stability tests in lab/pilot scale and (iii) optimizing of biotransformation and process M&R conditions, biocatalysts handling and preparing of marketing and feasibility studies of final implementation

key personnel: Radek Stloukal R&D Director and Jarmila Watzkova R&D Project Manager.

“The research for this work has received funding from the European Union (EU) project ROBOX (grant agreement n° 635734) under EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme  Research and Innovation actions H2020-LEIT BIO-2014-1”