ROBOX: Expanding the industrial use of Robust Oxidative Biocatalysts for the conversion and production of alcohols

The ROBOX Project

Oxygen functionalities are key functional groups in many of today’s chemicals and materials. The efficient introductions of oxygen-functionalities into raw materials are key chemical transformations in bulk and fine chemicals. Innovative bio-catalytic oxidation routes using molecular oxygen (from air) under benign and mild (pH) conditions such as ambient temperature and pressure can greatly improve the sustainability and economics of processes, but are so far mainly been applied in the pharma segments. In this segment, the enzyme-catalyzed step often represents the highest added value and the high price of the end-product (> €1000/kg) justifies less than optimal enzyme production and limitations in its catalytic efficiency. In order to achieve the widening of industrial application of enzymatic bio-oxidation processes to also larger volume but lower price chemical markets, ROBOX will demonstrate the techno-economic viability of bio-transformations of four types of robust oxidative enzymes: P450 monooxygenases (P450s), Baeyer-Villiger MonoOxygenase (BVMOs), Alcohol DeHydrogenase (ADH) and Alcohol OXidase (AOX) for which target reactions have already been validated on lab-scale in pharma, nutrition, fine & specialty chemicals and materials applications.

The introduction of ROBOX bio-oxidation processes is expected to bring substantial reductions in cost (up to -50%), energy use (-60%), chemicals (-16%) and GHG-emissions (-50%).

Work Packages

The ROBOX project has an integrated work-flow structure of 7 work packages.


The intensive networking with our scientific partners enables us to keep at the front line of top-level research and strengthens the knowledge base in the field of industrial biotechnology.

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For regular attenders at the large CHAINS meeting (3rd-5th Dec) the ROBOX items will now be noticable. This year University of Maastricht presented their latest results on polymers with novel properties from monomers produced by biocatalysis If you want to find out more about these and other EU funded results about making enzymes available for…

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ROBOX at “Pint of Science”

Friso Aalbers from our partner RUG explaining the use of enzymes in biotechnology and pharmaceutical science as well as the importance 0f EU funding in allowing the contribution of ROBOX in this area. This is part of our program to engage with the wider public and allow our science to be understood. If you are…

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