ROBOX Publishes two papers on the use of BVMO enzymes to make monomers for use in practical polymer applications

Our partner from Maastricht have published two papers that demonstrate the use of ROBOX technology to produce monomeric lactones that can be used to make polyesters with properties that can be tuned by enzyme selectivity Application of a thermostable Baeyer–Villigermonooxygenase for the synthesis of branched polyester precursors The publication in Organic Process Research and Development…


ROBOX partner ACIB engages schoolchildren with bioscience

ACIB News Item: On June 25th, first year primary school kids visited ACIB to learn about the basics of Biotechnology. In four exercises, 23 children and 2 teachers experienced different laboratory techniques: streaking microorganisms, visualizing them by microscopy, extracting colors from fruits and vegetables and measuring pH with the help of red cabbage extract. A…



Over the last few days the ROBOX team has been attending the Chempec2018 trade fair promoting the new technology and products being developed.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about any aspect of ROBOX technology.

UNIMAN present at Post Graduate Meeting

ROBOX knows that training the next generation of research scientists in a broad range of skills is important for the future and this includes presenting to peers. This presentation was at the PGR conference in Manchester on the 15th of June by Michele Tavanti a PhD student in ROBOX at Manchester. The title was “From…


Bioplastics – better products for our future

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are natural plastics rapidly compostable and biodegradable in the environment. These can replace the petrochemical products that we now use which are degrading our environment because of their persistance and danger to flora and fauna. These PHAs are not new – products based on these were first developed by the UK company ICI…



The ROBOX members are presenting at the following upcoming conferences – c-LEcta GmbH will be at the Gordon Research Conference Biocatalysis and at the EMBO workshop “Enzymes, biocatalysis and chemical biology: At the new frontiers to present on the development of ADH and NOX for robust, selective and efficient oxidation reactions suitable for industrial processes.…