One of the problems facing potential users wishing to replicate enzyme technology is the availability of the enzyes – our partner RUG now make some ROBOX robust enzymes available: –Eugenol oxidase (EUGO) Robust oxidase acting on phenolic compounds details in Nguyen et al. (2016) Chembiochem. 17:1359-1366 –Thermostable cyclohexanone monooxygenase (TmCHMO) Robust Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase acting on…

ROBOX at Novel Enzymes Conference

The 6th international Novel Enzymes conference Darmstadt has recently completed with four speakers presenting results from from ROBOX

Martin Schurman from INNOSYN presents about practical applications of ROBOX technology

ROBOX also supplied two sessions chairs as well including our coordinator Marco Fraaje (below).

ROBOX at “Day of Chemistry”

On Saturday 6th of October ROBOX presented at the Day of Chemistry at Chemelot in Geleen (NL) and Maastricht University presented to an open general audience. In total there were 2500 visitors and the ROBOX attracted interest in the area of biotechnology. poster Dr Katrien Bernaerts presents ROBOX to a wider audience. Chemelot stands for…


Recently ROBOX oxidation technology was recently widely publicized at the leading pharmaceutical industrial showcase exhibition CPhI in Madrid. Led by our partner TUG this was an excellent opportunity to promote our use of CYP450 technology to produce pharmaceutically relevant metabolites. CLE also promoted their combination of ADH and NOX technology for alcohol oxidation. IF YOU…