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summer school.

Press Release from Summer School

Medieval Site Hosts Modern Cutting-Edge Science! The idyllic surroundings of the 14th century Carthusian monastery Certosa di Pontignano, the official conference center of the Universitá degli studi di Siena (Italy), hosted an international Summer School on Biocatalysis as a Key Enabling Technology from 3 – 6 October 2017. Chaired by Professor Fessner from the Technische…

Some More ROBOX Publications

RUG made a significant contribution to this paper on enzyme improvement Manipulating the stereoselectivity of the thermostable Baeyer–Villiger monooxygenase TmCHMO by directed evolution Abstract   UAB have led the publication of a collaborative ROBOX paper An immobilized and highly stabilized self-sufficient monooxygenase as biocatalyst for oxidative biotransformations Full Paper UNIMAN publish a new paper on…

Big advance in P450 chemistry

An article from Chemical and Engineering News in which directed evolution yields an enzyme that oxidizes alkenes in a process called anti-Markovnikov alkene oxidation that is difficult to achieve because the reaction is energetically unfavorable 

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Summer School

ROBOX part of H2020 Summer School Between Tuesday 03 – Friday 06 October 2017 ROBOX project contributed both posters and talks to the HORIZON 2020 SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 Biocatalysis as a Key Enabling Technology in a collaboration between CarbaZymes/Robox/Metafluidics H2020 projects                   Some ROBOX presentations from the Summer…


Meet the Researchers from Aachen

Meet the Researchers from Aachen Since autumn 2015, the Institute of Biotechnology led by Prof Ulrich Schwaneberg at the RWTH Aachen University is hosting four researchers in the ROBOX – H2020 project, Anna Joëlle Ruff, Anna Gärtner, Alexandra Weingartner and Alan Mertens. The RWTH ROBOX team; From left to right: Dr. Alan Mertens, Prof. Ulrich…