The European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology (ESIB, organized by ACIB in Graz, from Nov 14-16th offered a great opportunity for ROBOX partners to meet, to engage in networking and to disseminate ROBOX results. 11 of the 19 ROBOX Partners enjoyed this summit and/or connected project meetings with at least one delegate (DSM, Innosyn, Givaudan, Chemstream, C-LeCTA, TUGraz, University of Pavia, The University of Manchester, RHTW, RUG and of course acib). In addition to several posters with ROBOX results, Martin Schürmann from Innosyn and Boris Schilling from Givaudan presented selected ROBOX results in their talks. 

BELOW: Boris Schilling from Givauden contributes to talks and podium discussions with ROBOX results