Here you find the latest news about this project ‘H2020robox’.

Vanilla and other flavors.

As you may have seen the ROBOX project has been developing a method to produce Vanillin. Our results have been sent for publication as a paper “Enzymatic synthesis of vanillin catalyzed by an eugenol oxidase” which will be available soon. These results have also been highlighted in our detailed factsheets and the scaled up reaction…

An Enzyme Cascade Synthesis of Vanillin

ROBOX has been developing scaleable routes to improved routes to vanillin (see our publications) This report by University of Stuttgart demonstrates the great interest in using oxidative enzymes to produce vanillin. Vanillin is one of the most widely used flavouring compounds worldwide as a flavour ingredient for food and beverages as well as a fragrance…

ROBOX helps create Biotech jobs.

Our ROBOX partner Givaudan who are committed to growing their efforts in the areas of biotechnology and biocatalysis especially after the success of the ROBOX project are currently searching for a (Senior) Research Scientist (PhD), specialized in fermentation, and a Senior Research Technician (also suitable for BSc or MSc), specialized in fermentation and/or biocatalysis: To…

Detailed Factsheets for ROBOX Reactions and Enzymes

To find out more about ROBOX enzymes and reactions read these detailed one page descriptions of enzyme characterizations or reaction parameters. ROBOX Technology Information 1. P450 Aromatic Hydroxylations 2. P450 API Metabolites on Larger Scale 3. P450 Hydroxylation of Alkenes 4. BVMO oxidation of trimethyl-cyclohexanone 5. BVMO oxidation of cyclopentadecanone 6. AOX vanillin synthesis from…


Our coordinatior Marco Fraaije is organising the 14th International Symposium on Biocatalysis and Biotransformations (BioTrans 2019) on July 7-11, 2019, in Groningen, The Netherlands.
This will be a great opportunity to find out about a range of ROBOX results.
We would like to see you there.

Prof Marco Fraaije

Review of flavin-containing and heme-containing monooxygenases

Read our latest ROBOX review paper by our by our partners RUG (Groningen) and UP (Pavia) detailing two classes of biotechnologically relevant monooxygenase enzymes (flavin and heme-containing).
Current Opinion in Structural Biology Volume 59, December 2019, Pages 29-37
Beyond active site residues: overall structural dynamics control catalysis in flavin-containing and heme-containing monooxygenases

ROBOX Video paper on Pichia Expression

In this innovative approach to publications our partners from Graz have published this video enhanced publication Methanol Independent Expression by Pichia Pastoris Employing De-repression Technologies

0:04 Title
0:43 Main Culture Cultivation and Harvesting
3:30 Results: Representative De-Repressed Protein Expression Analysis
4:32 Conclusion