To find out more about ROBOX enzymes and reactions read these detailed one page descriptions of enzyme characterizations or reaction parameters.
ROBOX Technology Information
1. P450 Aromatic Hydroxylations
2. P450 API Metabolites on Larger Scale
3. P450 Hydroxylation of Alkenes
4. BVMO oxidation of trimethyl-cyclohexanone
5. BVMO oxidation of cyclopentadecanone
6. AOX vanillin synthesis from vanillyl alcohol
7. ADH lactol synthesis
8. PAMO C65D (NADPH-Oxidase) Description
9. EUGO (Eugenol Oxidase) Description
10. GDH-01 (Glucose Dehydrogenase) Description
11. GDH-02 (Glucose Dehydrogenase) Description
12. NOX-01 (NADPH-Oxidase) Description
13. P450-001 (Cytochrome P450) Description
14. RrCDMO Cyclododecanone Monooxygenase Description
15. TmCDMO Cyclohexanone Monooxygenase Description