Organised by ROBOX last week ROBOX and CarbaZymes delivered their joint workshop on these two EU H2020 projects both aimed at making enzymes more available to industry.
All the major enzymes delivered in both these projects were discussed and presented to an audience of 75 scientists with a large presence on industrial representatves kenly interested to learn about these developments and understand how to replicate these results in their own laboratories.
Firstlty the ROBOX coordinator Marco Fraaje from Groningen welcomed everbody and presented an ovderview of the robust oxidative enzymes developed in ROBOX.

Marco also highlighted that some of these enzymes are available for testing through Gecco Biotech – Groningen Enzyme & Cofactor Collection
The next lecture was from Andreas Vogel from CleCta who described some uses of oxidative enzymes to carry out chiral resolution of secondary alcohols using ADH-NOX enzymes which can operate at an outstanding 80% volume concentation with very high ee results.

Martin Schurman from InnoSyn presented a series of examples whereby these oxidative enzymes were applied on 100L demonstration scale to produce multi-kilo batchres of products.

Toni Glieder from TU Graz described how the difficulties with expression of oxidative enzymes were addressed in ROBOX.

The ROBOX technology with some P450 and UPO for drug metabolite synthesis are available from Bisy
An important aspect of the ROBOX project was analysing metrics which were described by John Woodley and clearly demonstrated that this technology was of interest to industry.

Another interesting result from ROBOX was described by Geert Derover from Chemstream on the use of enzymes to modify the surface of pigments to increase dispersability and allow for better printing inks to be manufactured.

The morning was the ROBOX session.

After a lunch session with over 30 posters we were treated to the CarbaZymes project results. Woody Fessner the coordinator delivered a facinating overview.

An interesting presentation came from Simon Charnock of Prozomix – a company which has made a significant number of the C-C bond forming enzymes available to their customers.