Meet Elvira Romero – Researcher at the University of Groningen

Elvira RomeroThis summer (2016) Elvira Romero has joined the ROBOX-RUG research team as a post-doctoral researcher!

Elvira will focus on the engineering of oxidases within the project and will also be involved in the work performed by the RUG-PhD students Max Fürst and Friso Aalbers.

Elvira did her PhD at the Center of Biological Research (CIB) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid, Spain, where she studied enzymes from fungi capable of degrading compact discs. After her PhD she has worked in two laboratories in the USA. Her first post-doctoral project was performed in the laboratory of Prof.Dr. Pablo Sobrado (Blacksburg) and aimed at a better understanding of the mechanism of action of a fungal flavoprotein monooxygenase. Elvira continued studying flavoproteins in the research group of Prof.Dr. Giovanni Gadda (Atlanta) by investigating the kinetics of several flavin- and heme-containing enzymes. With her extensive background in redox enzymology, she will be very valuable in contributing to work in the ROBOX project.

Within ROBOX, Elvira will identify and engineer flavin-containing oxidases that can be used for the targeted alcohol oxidations. For this, she will exploit the in-house available and unique collection of flavoprotein oxidases. Upon establishing the most promising candidate enzymes, the enzymes will be subjected to knowledge-based engineering in order to generate robust and industrially applicable biocatalysts.