1. What can oxidative biocatalysis do for polymeric materials?
Our partners from Maastricht describe the use of Bayer-Villiger monooxygenases to synthesize substitituted caprolactones which are used to make novel polymers.
2. Selective alcohol oxidations with artificial oxidases: alcohol dehydrogenase – NADPH oxidase fusions
RUG Groningen describe resolution of alcohols by enantiomeric oxidation with these fusion enzymes.
3. A prospective life-cycle assessment (LCA) of monomer synthesis: comparison of biocatalytic and oxidative chemistry
Learn more about the advantages of biotechnology for impacts with clearly demonstrated metrics.
4. Inserting oxygen in C-C bonds of (m)any substrates using natural and engineered Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases
This describes the range of Bayer-Villiger monooxygenases and their substrates as well as their availability from GECCO
5. Capsaicin Metabolite Synthesis by Fungal Cytochrome P450s
Find out more about those chilli pepper compounds and their metabolism from these studies reported by ACIB and TUGraz.
6. Genetically-encoded biosensors for assessing oxidative biocatalysts
Find out more about this high number screening technology developed at ETHZ
7. Industrial biotechnology is a key enabling technology to support the growth of a circular bioeconomy
UAB Barcelona describe ROBOX interacting with IBISBA 1.0 consortium
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