The group of Professor Anton Glieder at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBT) hosts three researches in the ROBOX-H2020 project, Christoph Reisinger, Astrid Weninger, and Nico Teuschler. The IMBT is part of the Technical University (TU) in Graz located at Petersgasse 14. Research groups at the IMBT work on cell and protein engineering, synthetic biology and expression systems. Two companies, the austrian center of biotechnology (ACIB) and bisy are located within the IMBT.

Christoph Reisinger, who is currently working as postdoc at the IMBT joined the ROBOX in 2016, on the project biocatalytic oxidations. He studied at the Technical University in Graz and finished his study in 2003 obtaining a Doctors degree within the thesis “Genetic Investigations of Nitrile Hydrolysing Enzymes”. In his further career he worked at the Competence Centre (K+) for Applied Biocatalysis in Graz, in enzyme development and analytics. He was a project leader and scientist of an industrial biocatalysis project within the Competence Centre (K+) for Applied Biocatalysis in Graz. In 2011 he started to work as group leader at Süd-Chemie AG, with focus on cellulolytic enzymes. From 2013 to 2016 he was the head of department molecular biotechnology at Clariant, former Süd-Chemie AG. He has specific knowledge in expression systems, enzyme engineering and filamentous fungi.

Astrid Weninger is a member of the “Gliedergroup” at IMBT since 2013. Beside several internships in specific biotechnological companies such as the VTU GmBH or bisy e.U., she has specialized knowledge based in genome engineering and Pichia pastoris as expression host. She obtained her Master’s degree in biotechnology at the TU Graz. Since October 2015 she is doing a PhD program at the Technical University of Graz. Her work within ROBOX is specialized in production of robust oxygenases.

Another young researcher, Nico Teuschler started to work at the IMBT in 2016, to do his master thesis within ROBOX, in the subject of filamentous fungi as an expression host. He spent half a year the University in Basel to study in the course of infection diseases and came back to Graz to finish his Bachelor of Science at the Technical University of Graz in 2105. He started his master program in the field of molecular microbiology and worked at several different companies and institutes, such as Gerot Lannach GmBH and the Robert Koch Institute, to improve his knowledge in biotechnology and infection biology. Since 2016 he started his own company BiocraftLab to help young science students become more efficient within their studies.