At TU Graz we are teaching young people, who are finishing high school about biotechnology and its applications in everyday life. We are also presenting the ROBOX project to the pupils and explain the importance of this EU founded project. We try to encourage them to study in the field of biosciences and chemistry.

Fabian Schmid is our first “graduate”, who also authored a subject specific paper. He wrote a short introduction to his work at the TU Graz:

My internship at the TU Graz

My name is Fabian Schmid and I did an internship at the technical university of Graz (TU Graz). This training lasted from the 6th of December until the 20th of February. In the afternoons after school I visited the researchers Prof. Anton Glieder and Astrid Weninger, who thought me interesting facts about biotechnology, enzymes as biocatalysts and how enzymes can be used to produce highly valuable compounds such as drugs. They also introduced the ROBOX project to me, which is funded by the European Union. This project enables many young scientists such as Master and PhD students to work on industrial relevant topics and connect with scientists all over Europe.

The theoretical lessons allowed me to gain a basic understanding on biotechnology and enzyme catalysis. In addition to these lessons I was introduced to the “daily routine” in a biotechnological lab: I was allowed to transform the yeast P. pastoris with recombinant plasmid DNA, to observe bacteria and yeast cells under the microscope and I put my hands on enzyme screening assays.

Equipped with this knowledge I authored my “Fachsbereichsarbeit”, a subject specific paper, which is mandatory for the graduation from high school. The Fachsbereichsarbeit has the title „Biotechnologie in der Medizin und Pharmaindustrie“.

I really want to say thank you to Prof. Glieder and Astrid for taking their time. You really inspired me! After finishing school I will definitely study biosciences and I am happy, if I can do another internship at the TU Graz, maybe in the frame of the ROBOX project.


PhD fellow Astrid Weninger is explaining her poster

to Fabian, which she presented at AcES.